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We are committed to providing you with a range of services, from in-home disability care, to assistance with finding work, further education, community access, physiotherapy and counselling. Our disability care service allows you to choose the right type of support you need, specific to your goals and skills. Closer Care is dedicated in helping you find greater joy and meaning in your life.

“Working with Alineh was a great blessing for me, she was such an excellent support worker. She treated her clients with the upmost respect and empathy with all aspects that is expected from her, her professional approach to her role was always 110%, everything that she does was always caring, she was liked by all including myself.”

– William

“Alineh was punctual, responsible, good worker who seems to know how to care for people with disabilities. I would be interested to continue gaining support with Closer Care.”

– Derick

“As a father of a Downs Syndrome daughter Claudia, the choice of a carer to accompany Claudia to work at Hoyts was very important both from a safety view and ensuring Claudia’s job security. Talin was Claudia’s carer at Hoyts for several months and they enjoyed a wonderful and nurturing relationship. Talin was great and Claudia grew to love her and they got the job done and had plenty of fun. I have no hesitation recommending Talin for any Carer’s position you will be in good hands.”

– John