About Us

Working in disability support is more than meeting the standards of care. We pride ourselves on going beyond service delivery, and toward building meaningful and long lasting social connections with our clients. Our friendly and passionate support staff interact closely with everyone to provide caring support at home and access to their surrounding community. We are driven by a dedication to create and sustain strong social connections with our clients and their loved ones, to lead them to an enriched quality of life.

Closer Care is proud to say, we work with you closely, with compassion, empathy, understanding and consideration, to make your quality of life better than you ever imagined possible. The significance of our title centers on the idea that through a close connection, we can be more effective in helping you enjoy your life every day. 


NDIS Mental Health Support

If you are living with a mental illness and need formal assistance, we are here to provide enriching psychosocial support services that meet your individual needs. 

The challenges that come with mental illnesses are wide ranging, from communication issues and emotional regulation to finding appropriate housing. People who live with a mental illness can feel excluded from society. At Closer Care this is not what we want. We are dedicated to supporting people who live with a mental illness to integrate and contribute to society, to explore their interests and to build meaningful professional relationships with our support workers.

Our team are here to help, we have qualified and experienced psychosocial support workers who are passionate to make a positive change in the mental health field. The benefits of mental health support are wide ranging, they include companionship, structure and social inclusion. Our psychosocial support workers focus on recovery and rehabilitation. The relationship between our mental health support workers and our clients are often less formal and more based on practical support than what is offered by other health professionals. Our staff, along with our clients are contributing to a happier and healthier society. 

  Our Values 


Building Individual Relationships

At Closer Care we believe that connecting with individuals living with disability is our fundamental value. Learning about our clients and sharing interests is our path towards developing positive relationships. Forming a social connection with our clients is essential to the development of harmony and progress of each individual.

Promoting Individual Autonomy​

Our passion is to support the growth of the individual. We offer support and assistance to complete day to day tasks together. Our team will work on developing the individual’s confidence and independence within the home and wider community. 

Committment to academic excellence

Exceptional Support​

Closer Care recognises the importance of hiring experienced and passionate staff in the disability care sector, to support and complement the life of the individual. Finding the right support worker for each participant is what we strive to deliver. Our support workers will positively contribute to the client’s health and wellbeing, and enable continuous participation in the community.

Commitment to Reaching Goals

We attend to the needs and goals of our clients, to implement person-centered support to individuals who need it most. Providing individualised supports and counselling to people in our community, means we are taking active steps towards reaching goals.