Closer Care July Info Session:

Some of Closer Care’s permanent support staff were offered exciting opportunities during the months of May and June for personal and professional development, namely: 

  1. Attending in person a two-day comprehensive training course offered by Birchtree called ‘Long Limbs of Trauma’ which covered understanding trauma and its impact on the brain function through the various stages of life including the perinatal stage, impulsivity and behaviour dysfunction and how to equip health professionals in the therapeutic setting to work more in-depth with clients towards healing from trauma. This gave the Closer Care support workers a better understanding of and the knowledge/skills to use when working with our NDIS participants. 


Our first day consisted of:


The second day consisted of: 

Registrars - Clinical Psychology Registrar Program - Job in Sydney - Birchtree  Centre of Excellence

  1. Masterclass training session via Zoom also offered by Birchtree called ‘Complicated Grief’ which consisted of:


Presenters for both training sessions are from Birchtree – Centre of Excellence: 

Dr Sophie Reid and Jace Cannon-Brookes.


Birchtree Centre of Excellence – Trauma, addictions and eating disorders

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