Closer Care Referral Form

The Four Steps

Applying for services can be a complicated process.  Here are four steps to help make the process clear for you.

Begin your journey to independence with Closer Care by taking the first step – simply fill out our convenient online referral form. It’s quick and easy, taking just 5 minutes of your time. Once submitted, our dedicated team at our head office will promptly start the process. 

Expect a call from us! We’ll introduce ourselves, gather more information, and schedule a convenient meet and greet.

At the meet and greet, we will share suitable staff profiles, create a personalised support plan, complete necessary paperwork, and confirm your support schedule, usually completed in two hours.

After your initial support has been provided, we’ll check in regularly. We will call to ensure your service satisfaction, keeping your support coordinator and/or family informed along the way. 

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