Mental Health Support 

Closer Care specialise in mental health support to individuals living with mental illness/psychosocial disability in Greater Sydney. Our support workers can help you with managing your illness, strengthening your relationships with family and friends, taking part in social activities as well as completing day-to-day tasks. 

In-home/online Counselling

Closer care recognise the impact of disability on your mental and emotional wellbeing; our counsellor’s work closely with you to overcome barriers and achieve your goals. We provide disability counselling for individuals who are living with a physical, mental, or intellectual disability and are seeking greater insight, health, and joy in their lives. Whether you were born with a disability or acquired one later in life, each comes with its own challenges and having someone to talk to can make all the difference.

In-home care 

We assist you to live a happy and healthy life by helping with morning and evening routines, medical prompts, and preparation of healthy and delicious meals. Our aim is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe in your own home.

Assistance with Social and Community Participation

Being able to experience the activities you love is an important part of living your best life. Closer Care staff are happy to help you go shopping, attend a class, go to social functions, exercise or participate in community events.

Group and centre based activities

We can help you find a day program in your local community, where you can participate in group based social and recreational activities. Depending on your interests there is a range of facilities which are open to your use, an art and craft room, computer room, TV and movies room, library room, board and electronic games, activities room, music room and kitchen and social meals area.

Personal Care

Our support workers assist with and/or supervise personal tasks such as showering, dressing, toileting and meal time. Our aim is help you look good, feel good, and live as autonomously as possible for as long as possible. We recognise the importance of understanding your routines and how you like to be cared for, and we will tailor our services around that.

Employment and Education

We offer personalised coaching to help you achieve your goals in employment and education. Workplace assistance enables you to successfully obtain and maintain employment in the open or supported labour market. We explore what work would mean for you, to help build essential foundation skills for work, manage complex barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment, and develop a career plan.


Physiotherapists work with children, teenagers and adults with a disability to help with range of movement, coordination, pain relief, developing new motor skills, and improving individual abilities. Our in-home physiotherapy service supports people living with a disability to develop their walking, posture, strength, balance and become more independent in various activities.